UFO in the sky, São Paulo Brazil – São José dos campos

Posted on January 25, 2011


We’ve all heard tales and crazy stories about UFOs and alien abduction. We report the following a real story:

A normal night in the city when many residents in various parts spotted strange lights in the sky, a couple was spotted in a park and observed the phenomenon for about 40 minutes the lights changed color in the sky and moved strangely.
The images of the unidentified object was captured by an engineer, watch here:

Two days later the two were traveling in a quiet stay again when they spotted the same object of the video, but it hid behind the mountain, the two began driving when they were taken abruptly by an outside force, which came down by the shoulders and neck, provided a sudden unease when the girl asked him to stop the car, he would stop when he looked in the mirror and saw green and orange lights behind the car, and decided to wait a busy place to stop, oddly walked for another half hour and not spotted somewhere or even any other vehicle on the road.
During the whole time felt strange sensations, sometimes the driver said the car did not respond to commands. Finally they reached a gas station where they stopped and still continued feeling something strange for some time, they did not undergo hypnosis for fear of discovering what really happened that night.  But after awhile our friend read about cases of abductions and reached the conclusion that if I had stopped that car could have been abducted … or actually not sure what happened, because it dismisses the possibility of having suffered some loss of common memory in cases of people abducted.


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