Technological Singularity

Posted on December 28, 2010


Technological Singularity – Revolution of the Machines
What is technological singularity

The Technological Singularity is a term used for a point from which the evolution of technology occur rapidly and the impact is invertible, transforming human life forever. Like a point from which the technology leads to more technology and so exponentially.

I RVing J. Good described in 1965 that at some point artificial intelligence will reach human equivalence in the thinking machines would outweigh its creators, and so the human race would go on a road of no return, since the machine takes its own decisions.

Technological singularity in movies

Many movies use this theme and generate millions in box office as Terminator, Matrix, I Robot, among other minors. Surely everyone is just fiction, but with all the changes we see in recent years, the hypothesis of artificial intelligence to rebel against the man’s possible.

According to some scientists the chance of man to survive this natural progression, the man would join the machine with cybernetic implants, the way that man could add artificial intelligence giving rise to a new being who lives in symbiotic relationship with machines getting benefits of this relationship.

Technology is advancing fast-mind in decades, discoveries in all fields have been significant, according to some scientists are close to the Technological Singularity, and is not fiction, great strides are already changing our lives and will change further in coming years.

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